GermanVoices at work

Looking for professional German voice over artists to record
your e-learning project, your documentary, your audio book, your podcast,
your commercial, or your video game?
Well, you have come to the right site. Welcome to “German Voices”!


We offer you tailor-made professional voice recordings: either linear and pure
or digitally edited and mastered in our HD recording studio – delivered in any common file format.

Your advantage with „German Voices“:
2 native voices – male and female.
Highest interpretation diversity at lowest time and effort.

Female voice over artist Step Laube
Male voice over artist Viktor Pavel

Voice ages: middle aged / 25– 55 years
Voice type: mezzo-soprano, warm, powerful, friendly, engaging, reliable


Voice ages: middle aged / 35 - 55 years
Voice type
: deep, powerful, distinctive to velvety, sonorous

Native language: German (Germany)
German Dialects: Baden, Berlin-style

Native language: German (Germany)
German dialects
: Schwäbisch

Speech and vocal training since 1989;
educated at university and training at radio stations

Speech and vocal training: 30 years of professional experience; including simultaneous interpreting


Experience: radio features + on air elements (for 12 years), since 1999 many customers from all over Europe from sectors like instructions, e-learning, features, audio drama, radio commercials, museum’s audio guide, IVR

Experience: regular sound recordings, also in English. VO- and Off-speaker for TV stations such as Günther Jauch, National Geographics, ZDF, SAT1, ARD.


Main expertise: off + voice-over, e-learning, podcast, commercials, features, medical manuals, telecommunication and voicemail systems


Main expertise: off + voice over, industry and image videos, documentaries, audioguides, commercials, podcast, timed dubbing


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