GermanVoices at Work


The best way to find out about pricing for your individual project is to talk to us personally.
Even with a low budget we can do a lot.

As a guideline (concrete agreement according to project and effort):



E-learning / Audiodescription / Training
(internal usage, no recording onto video)

Basic fee for the first 5 minutes:
Any additional minute:
200 EUR*
15 EUR


Industrial video / Image-promoting video
internal usage (no Internet usage)

Up to 2 min:
Any additional minute:
250 EUR
15 EUR
external usage (DVD, Internet, social media)  
Up to 2 min:
Any additional minute:
350 EUR
20 EUR


Audio book / Prose / Technical text
(Continuous texts without timing)

Depending on effort and difficulty of text
Guideline fee per minute:
Minimum fee:

20 EUR
200 EUR


Telecommunication and voicemail systems (small and average companies) 

Per module (up to 30 sec. maximum each):
Minimum fee:
50 EUR
100 EUR


Timing: 25% on top in general



Studio fee for recording session for all voice recordings mentioned above: 60 EUR per hour or part thereof.
Discounts possible from 7 hours.

*for customers located in Germany, all prices are exclusive 19% VAT.
International customers with a valid VAT ID, the reverse-charge procedure (Art. 196 MwStSystRL) applies.