The best way to find out about pricing for your individual project is to talk to us personally.
Even with a low budget we can do a lot.

As a guideline, find below some pricing examples:
For the first 5 minutes:
Any additional minute:
150 EUR*
10 EUR
Alternatively, price per word:
0,05-0,08 EUR (depending on extent)
Presentation, image-promoting film (internal usage)  
Up to 2 min:
Up to 5 min:
Up to 10 min:
Any additional minute:
150 EUR
200 EUR
300 EUR
10 EUR
Presentations, image-promoting film (external usage, DVD, Internet, etc.):
Usage available at an additional charge. Usage surcharge on request.
Continuous texts (audio book, voice-over TV, etc.)  
Per minute:
Minimum fee:
10 EUR
150 EUR
Telecommunication and voicemail systems (private usage, small and average companies) 
Per module (up to 30 sec. maximum each):
Minimum fee:
40 EUR
80 EUR
*for customers located in Germany, all prices are exclusive 19% VAT.
International customers with a valid VAT ID, the reverse-charge procedure (Art. 196 MwStSystRL) applies.