With our professional digital HD sound studio we are able to offer much more than high quality voice recordings.

Depending on your project’s character, we can enrich any voice recording or sound file,
directly targeted at your field of work and your target audience.

From linear and pure voice recording to high quality mixdown (incl. editing, voice-processing, mastering) everything is possible.
To create an individual sound design we have numerous HD plugins.

Studio equipment (selection):

- Different high quality microphones (Neumann, AudioTechnika, et al.)
- Spacious and dry recording studio (ca. 10 sqm), with daylight, and vertically + horizontally adjustable desks
- Different MicPreAmps (Focusrite "Platinum Voice Master")
- D/A converter up to 192 kHz (Digidesign)
- ProTools HD Accel 2 (up to 192 kHz/24bit), incl. video-connection for sound-on-vision dubbing
- ProTools LE (up to 96 kHz/24bit)
- Numerous HD plugins and effect archives (by Digidesign, waves, SoundToys, among others)

  Additional studio features:

- Large SFX archives
- Large archive of production music
- Large voices & actors data base, different languages available. Booking via: www.toninton.com